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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Oh, sweety! :D

*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, Suzy.my
Item: SweetHeart
Price: RM32

Omgosh! My heart melted instantly when I saw this!
And even more when I realised it was only RM32!!!
It's too pretty to resist that I'm getting one myself. :P


Item: Cotton Candy
Price: RM59

Any sweet tooth up for this baby here?
Spells sweet ladylike classy-ness, babes! :)


Item: That Zebra Bag
Price: RM99

Babes, babes!!! They're having a Zebra collection! :D
From tops to shorts to leggings to earrings to BAGS!!!


Item: Gem Bag
Price: RM72

Maroonish bright pink! Woots, babes!
This is one of a kind colour, agreed? :D


Item: Oversized LV Handbag
Price: RM150

Whoah! So red! Suitable for CNY lor. :P
And yes, the price is still negotiable! *winks*


Item: Chanel Purse Inspiration
Price: RM55

Don't wanna miss out this imported goodie!
They have other designs too! Go check them out!
That's inclusive of free postage by the way! ;)


Item: Zipper Case
Price: RM10

Want a funky case to keep your stationeries? ;D
Or cosmetics for that matter? This is cheap and cute!

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