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Friday, March 6, 2009

A long one. ;)

Item: Candy Bag
Colour: White, Mint Green, Pink, Yellow
Price: RM55

Anyone here who don't fancy candies?
It's so lovely, no? I loveeeee! :D
Reminds me of the LG Ice Cream phone.

Item: Pretty Hobo
Colour: Khaki, Brown
Price: RM89

The one in brown is a little typical vintagey colour.
But this is super super pretty. I mean, it's unique. ;)
Well, to me, that is. And it's a lil lazy too. Couchie look.

Item: Envy Me
Colour: Citrus
Price: RM45

My, my! What a bright neon colour! :D
I actually got really attracted to it, really.
If you want heads to turn over, get this babes!

Item: LV Tahitienne
Colour: Green
Price: RM2800

This is an authentic LV, girls. But it's pre-owned.

Item: Kathy-Oh-Kathy
Colour: Yale Blue, Black
Price: RM75

Everyone's going bananas over Kathy Van Zeeland's bag.
So there babes, here you go. They've found it for you! ;D

Item: Her Blank Page
Colour: Black, Baby Blue
Price: RM38

This is dirt cheap for such a lovely bag, no?
I reckon the baby blue one is really sweet! :D

Item: Lil Teddy's Purse
Colour: Black
Price: RM17

Grab! Steal!! Hurry!!! GO!!!! Nuff said. ;)

Item: Leopard
Colour: Pink, Gold, White
Price: RM44

What say you to some leopard prints purse? *winks*
I personally adore the gold one. Bewwwteeefoool! :D

Item: Gucci Craze
Colour: Brown
Price: RM125

Very classic yet at the same time pretty. :)
Definitely a replica, but looks awesome still.

Item: MNG 2 Ways
Colour: Black
Price: RM99

This bag gives me the vintagey feel somehow.
But absolutely love the gold chain, no? ;D

Item: Black Embroidered
Colour: Black & White
Price: RM62

Hey hey, you you! I think this is so chic. What say you?
Btw, that's inclusive of free postage via POS LAJU. ;)

Item: Quilted Bag
Colour: Baby pink, Brown, Black, White, Grey
Price: RM45

They're taking restock orders now. If you don't wanna miss out,
RUUUUUNNNN or HOOOOOPPPP over to dazzle yourself. ;D

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