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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hey stranger! ;)

Item: Quilted Small
Colour: Purple, White
Price: RM45

They have it in three sizes - small, med, big!
And they have it in quite a few colours too!
But my fav is still the purple one. Obsessed! :P

Item: Bag
Colour: Brown, Yellow, Red
Price: RM45

Lock it, lock it! It's small, and cute, and speeecialll.

Item: Preppy Tote
Colour: Green, Purple, Blue
Price: RM39

The colours all super gaya one, I tell you.
No kidding! This reminds me of Shrek! *giggles*

Item: Poppy Chubby
Colour: 10 Colours Available
Price: RM35

So lovely, isn't it? The base is in a shape of circle.
They got 10 different colours. They so pamper us!

Item: Anya Hindmarch
Colour: Black
Price: RM280

I likey how it looks so simple yet trendy! ;D

Item: Guess Esmeralda Tote
Colour: Black, Beige
Price: RM350

"Guess what I want? I WANT IT ALL!" :D
I love how this darling looks oh-so-complicated.

Item: Snakeskin Clutch
Colour: Light Purple, Dark Purple, Gold, Grey
Price: RM55

They have a final piece in gold only.
But if you're persistent, purr at her like a kitten.
She might be able to restock it for you. :P
Light purple is super lovely, I'd say. *grins*

Item: Snake Skin Bag
Colour: White, Black, Dark Red
Price: RM42

White and black looks pretty typical to me.
But this maroonish dark red one is SPECIAL! ;)

Item: Cappy Box Handbag
Colour: Golden Brown, Choc Brown, Silver
Price: RM100

I'm not too sure why it's priced so high, but,
it might be made of leather which explains it all.

Item: JC Velour Baby
Colour: Pink
Price: RM680 (inc. shipping)

New and authentic, all the way from US! Great deal!
A friend of mine bought this from Pavillion at RM1k+!

Item: Fashion Bag
Colour: Yellow
Price: RM25

Item: Little Sweetie
Colour: Pink, Blue
Price: RM15

So affordable for a wallet this special. ;D
And mind you, that's inclusive of postage!

Item: Checker Crazy
Colour: Red
Price: RM39 (Free Postage)

Indeed I am crazy over checkered fashion items! :D
From bags to clothings to shoes. Aiyo, basically everything!

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