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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Branded stuffs.

Item: Sunny Rainbow
Colour: As shown above
Price: RM35

When I saw this, it just brightened up my day. Look at it, girls.
It's so cheerful and bright. So beach-licious! Absolutely yummeh!

Item: MY OL Lady
Colour: Black
Price: RM42

Look at the uber classy design embossed all over the bag.
This is not your typical OL bag, can? It's trendy! Woohoo!
Whoever says OL needs to go all borinnnng, right? :D

Item: Neverfull Damier Tote Carrier
Colour: Checkered Brown
Price: RM520

Yeap, it might be only a replica, but I think it's nice! :D

Item: Cute Bustier
Colour: Black
Price: RM39

Oh gosh! This is uber kinky, can? *winkwink* ;D
Anyone feeling sexy? Go get the cute bustier!

Item: Train Seller
Colour: As shown above
Price: RM45

Comes in 3 different designs! Classic pieces, babes! ;)

Item: Helen's Brown Bag
Colour: Dark Brown
Price: RM20

Very vintagey look, eh? Teehee, of course it is. :D
Because it's a pre-loved item. But super affordable!

Item: Gucci #2099
Colour: Orange
Price: RM350

Hey! I personally haven't seen Gucci in orange before.
Am I that left out? I think the colours kinda blends well. ;)

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