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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wootzies! :)

Item: Fashion Seethrough Tote
Colour: Leopard Prints
Price: RM36

Not really see-through I'd say, but it's lovely! :D

Item: Multi Zippered
Colour: Sapphire, Slate
Price: RM80

Now now, what can I say about this darling?
I've always loved anything with lotsa zips, so yeappie!
And the colours they offer are uber-unique, can? :D

Item: Black Semi Round Bag
Colour: Black
Price: RM25

Vintagey-style. Not my cup of tea, but it might be for you. :)

Item: Sachs 
Colour: As shown above
Price: RM20

They have plenty of pre-loved vintagey bags.
And they're sold at super super affordable prices! :)

Item: Classic
Colour: Black & White
Price: RM40

You're no big fan of vintagey items? Fret not!
There are modern classical ones too! Woohoo! :)

Item: Gucci Monogram Boston Carrier
Colour: As shown above
Price: RM175

For a replica, I'd say it's cheap if compared to other blogshops.
I've seen some selling at RM250-RM400. So go grab one, girls!

Item: Bowling Bag
Colour: As shown above
Price: RM68

You can take it when you go for a bowl and...
Try to sneak out with one bowling ball hidden inside. :P

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