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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fun and quirky! =)

Item: Ringgg
Colour: Gold, Black, Red, Silver
Price: RM75

They have the phone, radio, shoes and sharks!
Me love quirky stuffs. If you're on the same boat...
Head on over already, babes! Strut along in them...

Item: Old School
Colour: Blue + White
Price: RM105

Now I know what you're thinking... It's a lil pricey!
But girls, there's one fact you might not know yet.
She handmade it herself! Yes, all by herself! :D
It's lovely, no? She has plenty other designs too!
But certain ones are not for sale. Hmm...
I suppose she must love her hardwork too much!

Item: Small Patent LeatherTote
Colour: Caramel
Price: RM84.50

It's hard to find caramelized bags, right? GRAB! XD

Item: My Fair Lady
Colour: As shown above
Price: NIL

She handmade this bag for herself, but if you like it...
You can try getting her to custom make one for you?

Item: Prada
Colour: Purple, White, Green, Black
Price: RM400

This is the replica only, but I think it's uber-lovely! :D

Item: Tan Tote
Colour: Tan
Price: RM45

I think the design of this bag is absolutely unique! :D

Item: The OL Document Bag
Colour: Black & White
Price: RM55

Working elegant ladies? This baby is for you!
That price is already so affordable, as if not enough...
 Taukeh is offering free Poslaju delivery! Woots!

Item: The Oriental Fan
Colour: Brown, Red, Black
Price: RM80

Sling it! Hand carry it! It's classy! It's yummmeh!

Item: Transformer Bag
Colour: Rainbowish? :P
Price: RM18

This is a steallllll! Hurry up and go grab one! XD
It can be transformed from a mini pouch into this bag!

Item: COACH limited edition
Colour: Purple + Brown
Price: RM800 *negotiable*

Limited edition authentic Coach wallet, girls!
The only disadvantage? It's a pre-loved item.
But because it is so, it's way cheaper! Balanced! :)

Item: Mint Vintage
Colour: Shiny Silver
Price: RM25

The perfect dinner bag if you love to go bling-bling! :)

Item: Giraffe Prints
Colour: Gold and Red
Price: RM30

Now now, this is just fascinating, no? Very outstanding I'd say!

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