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Monday, December 8, 2008

Sorry, I'm late! :)

Item: Gold & Chain
Colour: Black, White, Purple
Price: RM55

This is totally classy I must say, go get one! :P

Item: Classy Baggie
Colour: Brown, Black, Blue
Price: RM70

Item: Bunny Vintage Slingbacks
Colour: Brown, Black
Price: RM59

Item: Bejewelled Ballerinas
Colour: Black 
Price: RM52

Item: Vamped Up Lunch Box 2
Colour: Black, White, Red, Purple

Sweeet~ Something unique for a change, girls!

Item: Patent Poshness
Colour: Black, White, Red, Blue
Price: RM110

You have a patent purse to go with this, as shown below. :)

Item: The Patent Purse
Colour: Black, White, Pink, Teal, Magenta
Price: RM25 *steal*

Item: The Organizer
Colour: Black, Purple, Blue
Price: RM50

Go get colourful, and organized and trendy all at the same time! :)

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