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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Let's have an affair with - bags!!! :D

Item: Mel
Colour: White & Pink
Price: RM42

Zebra stripes in pink! I uber loveeeeeee! Omg omg omg!
I am so tempted, really, VERY VERY tempted indeed.

Item: Kit
Colour: Colourful Stripes
Price: RM45

Wheee! Mock croc tote in colourful stripes.
How unique right, darlings? Agree with me!

Item: Haze
Colour: Mustard & Brown
Price: RM38

I like the way the colours are coordinated.
I've always loved how mustard go with brown. :)

Item: Gayle
Colour: Pink & Orange
Price: RM42

Very candy-coloured girls, so sweeet can? *soft giggles*

Item: Mock Croc
Colour: White, Red, Black
Price: RM46

Can be used as a sling too, and they have cute charms! :D

Item: Fishnets
Colour: Khaki, Silver & Black
Price: RM50

They didn't have a name for it, so I named it fishnets. *laughs*
Don't you think it'll pull off perfectly well with fishnets leggings?

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