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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Please take note, girls.

Right, so for the umpteen time, I'm going to say this for the very last time (I hope) that Miss TLF is just merely a blog reviewer and I do not own the bags or shoes that I post up on The Luxurious Fashionista. It really irks me that even after stating so clearly at the sidebar, yet I've to reply emails after emails clearing issues about how the bags do not belong to me. *grrr*

Also, I've been receiving emails regarding where to get the bags or how you can purchase them, so to clarify things a lil more precisely, here's how I do my reviews:

[Picture(s) of bags or shoes]

Item: Apple Strudel
Colour: Yummeh!
Price: RMxxxx.xx :P

All you have to do is to click on the link provided in BOLD.
Head over to the respective e-shops and do your shopping there.

You still don't get it yet? It's okie, I'm being very patient today.
Miss TLF is like the editor of the magazine which in this case is my blog review - The Luxurious Fashionista. So you read and then head over to the shops' addresses provided. Geddit, geddit? No?

*bangs wall and faints* Someeeonnne helppppp... *trails off*

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