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Thursday, December 4, 2008


M for Money. (check)
A for Affordable. (check)
D for Dosage. (check)

When you need your daily dosage of addiction
(which in my case = BAGS!),
you'll do your very best to strive to search, by hook or by crook,
for the most affordable products/services to save up on the moolah.

Right? Right? Right? ;)

I know you feel it - it's the case of every shopaholic.
Because we're crazy like that. *evil laughters* Wakakakaka!
No matter how long you've gone into rehabilitation,
when you hear the word SALES or DISCOUNT or both,
tell me, what happens sweeties?

You go M-A-D!!!

But before you go entirely cuckoo, let me share with y'all a



AliceWonders.com is launching a Mad Tea Party! *cheeeers*
And and and... EVERYONE, yes every single one of you is invited!
Excited already? Come, let's do the jiggly wiggly dance together.
Shake it, shake it, shake your bum-bums hard! :P

It’s an exclusive 24 hour online shopping party for
all bag-a-holics (ME!) out there!
And the maddest thing of all is that, prices on over hundred bags will
go berserk, shrinking and growing randomly every hour. ;)
You know it's all going too MAD when you get discounts up to 70%!!!
I can still handle it up til there, haven't lost my mind just yet.
But things gets even MADDER, because they're launching an exclusive one day...

First time doing your online shopping with a touch of MADNESS!
Here are the further details of the MAD MAD MAD MAD DAY! :D

Theme: Mad Tea Party
Venue: http://www.alicewonders.com/
Start Date: 4th Dec 2008
Start Time: 12:00am
End Date: 4th Dec 2008
End Time: 11:59pm

Bag addicts, hold it, hold it! I know how you're feeling.
Really, I do! *drags self out of AliceWonders.com*
I'm trying myyyyy very beeeest but I cannot resist.
I cannot resist succumbing to the MAD promotion!

And because of that, Miss TLF has gone extremely MAD that...
She's giving away TEN, yes sepuluh, 10% discount vouchers!!!
If you're lucky to reach AliceWonders.com at the right timing,
you get to slash off up to 80% discount from your total purchase!!! :D

It's a very very simple deal! :D So get the details right yeah.
All you gotta do is to blog about this SPECIAL FEATURE,
either in your personal blog, website or even your e-shop,
and tell me how much you love me (no, i'm just kidding!).

In your blog post, you've got to provide details of the Mad Tea Party,
as well as a link to The Luxurious Fashionista and AliceWonders.com,
send the permalink of your blog post to iamtlf@live.com and...
VOILA! You're part of the MAD prima donna gang! *smirks*
Note that the 10 early bird catches the worm-voucher.
Ending 3rd December, so hurry up if you don't want to miss out!

EDIT: I've got some remaining vouchers left, so easy peasy,
just email me with the phrase "Miss TLF is mad about AliceWonders.com" and I'll give you a 10% discount voucher.
If you want two to give one to your BFF, just add on:

"I'm truly deeply madly in love with Miss TLF!"

I might consider MAD bribes though.
You know what I mean, don't cha? *winkz*


Loke said...

interesting! so how many bags have u bought?


Luxurious Fashionista said...

Haha, too many til I lost count! :P

Hit on OLDER POSTS for more! :D