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Monday, November 17, 2008

What's the room number again?

Item: Blink Bag
Colour: Black and White
Price: RM45

The inside is lined with cotton and the ruffles on the outside are of good chiffon quality. You can use this as a hand carry bag or perhaps a sling bag if you like. Suitable for all occasions, and brings out the inner ladylike-ness in you. ;)

Item: Fantasy Fringe Bag
Colour: Black, Brown, Grey
Price: RM45

I reviewed this same particular bag in my earlier post, but from a different blogshop - A Chic Store. I'm not taking over the job of Fashion Truth to compare prices, but this is indeed a tad bit more affordable than the ones from A Chic Store. Well, just like all of you, I'm a shopaholic too, and I always go in search for the best buys! :)

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