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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mini mini, miny moe!

It's mini, it's versatile, it's stylish, it's fringey! :D
These fringey are so inthetrend right now, no?

Item: Suede Mini
Colour: Dark Brown, Beige
Price: RM59

This Suede Mini is fabulously attractive. Let me our forward my argument on why I said so. *geez, I sound so lawyer-ish!* First of all, it comes with a chain and the most interesting part of all is that, the chain is adjustable! :D That would mean you get to use in a various ways - be it as a sling bag, a shoulder handbag, a dinner bag, or a clutch! When you've got no idea how to carry it, just do the simple mini mini miny moe! :P *giggles*

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