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Monday, November 17, 2008

A quickie! :)

Item: Milky Bag - Babe
Colour: Black, White, Brown, Green
Price: RM48

Item: Polly's Pouch
Colour: Mustard
Price: RM35 (COD) or RM40 (Postage)

Was originally RM46 but as you can see the owners went bananas and slashed the price specially for you darlings! This cute Polly's Pouch comes with a long as well as a short chain. Handy! ;)

Item: Double Pocket Bag
Colour: Black, White, Purple
Price: RM47

How often do you carry a purple bag? To be really frank, I do not have a single purple colour bag. *gasp* I have bags in most colours except for purple and erm, orange. Simply because I dislike the colour orange. But purple, it's one of my favourite colours! I must get myself a purple bag already! You want to stand out from the crowd too, right? ;)

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