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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

For a casual day out.

Let's see how we can achieve a comfortable yet stylish look! ;)
These are what you'll need and are available at respective blogshops:

An oversized top from Bluey Joyce, that can also be worn with an inner basic as a jacket. I definitely prefer it buttoned up rather than left open. But it's up to you, really.

Match up either with leggings or jeggings from Colorful Pink Room, be it short or full-length, in denim material or trendily ripped.

Then, don't forget to put on a simple make up. If you're in a rush, opt for the instant eyeshadow. Also, remember to apply on some Carmex to keep your lips moist all day long. Keep it in your bag to reapply if you're heading out for a meal! :)

Last but not least, grab a stylish bag with studs ala Balenciaga, and sling it around your shoulder. Don't forget to complete your look with these gorgeous pair of eyelet oxfords. Both the bag and shoes are available, but selling fast at Kiss and Tell.

Alrightey, now you're good to go! I hope you like this comfy yet stylish look. You may accessorize with a bangle, or ring, but keep it simple. Sometimes, less is more. ;)

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