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Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Supermodel Kiki

I've been screen-shopping a lot around the e-blogshophere even before I started off The Luxurious Fashionista. And if you ask me to name one of my favourite blogshops around, my vote would go to Room8008.

What amazes me most is, through our email conversations months ago, I gather that she does everything single-handedly. Shocking, ain't it? I was gasping like mad.

Yes, she runs her blogshop all by herself, and by that, the roles include:
  • traveling overseas (ie. Bangkok & Hong Kong) to handpick her stocks;
  • model them for us fussy girls (with proper make-up and hair-do, mind you);
  • taking orders and tolerating customers' bad behaviour;
  • running to and fro the post office or COD to post out the packages.
Phewww! That's one hellavu list. And boy, it does sound stressful, doesn't it?

But it looks like she's managing all right and the quality of her items look really top-notched as well, which I reckon matters most, isn't it? I wish if only (cliche much but) I was thinner. Being slightly plump really kills my passion for fashion.

I see everything in her blogshop and I go GOO-GOO-GAA-GAA! But most of the time, I can't fit into them. I know right, it's sad! But considering a lot of Asian girls are rather petite these days, I bet most girls can find something suitable, no problem. ;)

See what I mean by proper hair-do and make-up?

And awesome Vivi inspired trendy clothes for us fashionistas.

I simply love it when I see her bubbly sweet smile; it cheers me up! ;)

I cannot elaborate enough how good her taste in fashion is.

There's two sides of Kiki you'll see in her pictures...

The cute, bubbly, and down-to-earth girl...

And the trendy, sophisticated, and elegant chic.

Don't you agree that she pulls off all her items PERFECTLY?

I can only screen-shop in ENVY, and wished I had her body.

And of course her fashion sense too! TOTALLY AWESOME CAN!

Although I know that I can't fit into most of the clothes she offer, but at least, I get to cuci-mata. Hehe yah what, I get to see pretty girl and pretty clothes, confirm happy lah! :P

And of course, pretty bags too! How can I live without 'em bags?!! *wink*

Oh oh oh, and the best thing yet? SHE'S OPENING A SHOP!!! *excited*

Even her shop also so pretty, how can lah like that?


I swear by my bags the first shopping destination is Berjaya Times Square.
Okie enough of my craziness already. But I really wanna go shop there can!
Come, join my craziness. Psst, clearance stock going for RM10-15. YUMS!

Go on, knock on Room8008 already! ;)

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Anonymous said...

omg. awesome! cute bagsssssssssss~

Hit on OLDER POSTS for more! :D