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Friday, June 11, 2010

They sell CLOTHES, not COWS! xD

Not sure about you, but stores with a particular theme attracts me.
And even more if they have a nice, organised blog design layout.
All the above criterias, BlackMilkProject has ticked them off the box. ;)

Although we were told to never judge a book by its cover,
but then again that's just simply how humans behave, no? ;)

That's a very quirky punchline - We sell clothes, not cows.
And I particularly adore their 'cow' theme concept. So cute! :D

I also love their apparels style, very stylish yet comfy. ;)
I'm speaking of the number of nice oversized tops in store.

And you can pair them with any of the leggings you see below...

They have quality cotton, lycra, or even leather too, babes!
Be it slashed ones, or those in word blocks, or animal prints. ;)

Of course, you can match the top and leggings with jackets or vests.
And for those cool rock chics out there, with a hoodie perhaps? ;)

Of course, they do not forgot those feminine chics out there.
Beautiful dresses in store; both plain or patterned ones.
You can already guess, I particularly favour the mini hearts one. ;)

But the BEST thing about BlackMilkProject that I particularly adore?

THEY SELL QUIRKY THINGS! From these cute coin purses...

..... To cool rock Ed Hardy inspired iPhone covers.

And warm winter socks for freezing toes babes!!! *grrr*
Let your housemate STARE at your feet, at them, in awe.
I mean how adorable can socks get already, right girls?

Melbourne's getting colder now that my toes can't even wiggle.
So yesh, I got myself the SUPER CUTE earthy pink pig! *oink*

Want to get one for yourself or a friend, hit the banner below! ;D

Black Milk Project


Trisha said...

i headed over and bought myself a pair of the socks! Got it today and itssss sooooooooo CUTEEEE!!! Thanks for the intro! and yes yes love their clothes! seller is super fast and frendly too!!!

gonna show off my socks to my house mates! tee-hee!

Luxurious Fashionista said...

Yay! It's my pleasure dear! Glad you enjoyed reading my post, and even more for getting tempted. :P

WOOHOO! Hi5 for making the housemates jealous! :P

Hit on OLDER POSTS for more! :D