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Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday, indeed! :D

I want to break my ONLY BAGS rule again. :P
Maybe I'd start reviewing like this in the future.

xoxo, Only One Vogue

Everything I need in Spring is here. SO PRETTY DOT COM.
Oh and that floral outfit on the far left? That's a pants!!!
No idea how it works, but I'm guessing like a jumpsuit. Teehee.
And, more polka dots (my latest fetish) and floral chiffon dress. :D


Now that I've started working already...
I've got reasons to buy smart looking dresses!
That's the main reason why I enjoy working. :P
Cox I get to play dress up... In a different approach!


These are fashion items that speaks ATTITUDE. Nuff' said.


xoxo, Grabbs

Did we just see the word BIG DISCOUNTS? *gasp*
And an EXTRA RM5 rebate if you pay on the same day?
Babes, if you've been eyeing on any of these three...
Today's your chance! Psst, I likey the Inspired one. :P


xoxo,Glossy Addiction
Oh gawd, how cute can a bucket bag get already? *awe*
Totally adorable much can! Awesome pick I must say.
And for more stylish, trendy girls, there you go...
They have the inspired version of Balenciaga City. ;)


Anything with heartsies attracts my attention!
And denim too. Simply irresistable babes!
It's like they have wands and they go "Ding!"...
There you have me IN LOVE. *floats on air*


xoxo, Little Maketto

I love how she has very exclusive accessories in store! :D
And that's the Message In a Bottle at the bottom!
I wonder if there are any BOYFRIENDS reading my blog?
You can customize one for your girl, superb idea for a gift. ;)


Did I already mention that I also have a fetish for leggings?
Especially those with prints and patterns? Gosh!
They have a vast collection in store and I'm going mad.
Seriously, you SHOULD go check 'em out. No joke.


Shoes are fashion statements alright...
And these are definitely elegant ones. ;D

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