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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fashion Statements.

Shoes are fashion statement babes. And they speak attitude.
Make sure you pick the right pair that speaks Y-O-U, alright?

I am a pumps/flats kinda person, I have to admit.
As much as I love heels, I simply can't walk in them.
For a while, probably yes, but not for long. Le sigh!
So everytime I see pumps/flats, I get REAL excited.
Like when I saw the zebra prints one on the bottom left?
I PRACTICALLY WENT NUTS OKIE!!! So pretty! *blush*

Oh, what? You're not a fan of pumps or flats?
Well, fret not. Go for shorter heels then babes! :D
The zebra prints pair is very pretty I must say.
And your feet won't hurt too much cox it's not too high.

Or if you're efficient enough to strut in 3-5 inches heels...
Definitely go for the heels I'd say! Lengthen your legs babes!
And they are not your typical ordinary heels you see there.
Either a sling back, or a peep-toe, both are as elegant can!

Or a rounded front, with STUDS all over and a high platform?
Or the pointy front if you prefer? What they have is... CHOICES!

Or you could also go for wedges too if you like! ;D
Definitely more comfortable than heels, I'd reckon.
But that's a personal preference so yeah, stick to yours!

And moving over to our favourite 4-letter-word...


There are quite a few pairs on SALE, and these are among the few.
Babes, please don't miss your chance of getting them sent to you.
Especially at a cheaper price okay! It's a super steal can!!! OMG!
But do check back because their sales items changes frequently. ;)


And now to our ultimate favourite 4-letters word...


Yes babes, you heard me right! They're giving away free shoes! ;D
And that's a monthly basis Adopt-A-Heel campaign! How generous!
They've already found two winners for February and March...
Do you wanna be the next heel-adopter babes? Check it out HERE.


Have you ever had the urge to buy something so terribly much...
Yet at the same time have insufficient money to satisfy your cravings?
Heels Boutique understands us so well, they came up with:

RESERVATION POLICY - RM20 reservation fee for a period of 2 weeks.
This way you can hold on your fav pair while pending more cash to come in!


I'm not done just yet, babes! Hang on a minute...

Do you have pre-loved shoes you wanna sell?
You can do so at Heels Boutique for FOC!!! :D

Yes don't worry, you don't have to be a previous customer.
They're just being kind helping you out! Awesome much? ;D


Are you excited already babes? I certainly am going googoo-gaagaa!
Just click on the banner below to head over to the shoes paradise! ;)

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