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Monday, February 8, 2010

Bananas in Pyjamas.

B1 says, "Do you see what I see, B2?" ;)
B2 says, "I do, I do, I see very very pretty bags!"
OH DEAR!!! Very very pretty dot com!!! *melts*


Anyone into fursssss? Or anything glossy to steal attention? ;D


Are you still into fringes? Or bright neon colours?
Or would you prefer a all-chuck-in huge bag? :D


And babes, more quilts for you girls can!


Bucket bags-cum-backpack! Cool right? ;)


xoxo, iluvbag

They have in store bags from luxury brands.
From Gucci to Fendi to Kate Spade to Coach. ;)


xoxo, Style Tr8

There you go, uni's starting and you need a new bag! :D


SB said...

you are responsible for getting that song stuck in my head. i only forgive you b/c those pink purses were too cute to pass up!

.zigha. said...

how much is this beg? :)

Anonymous said...

how i want to know the price of those bags?

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