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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My magical moment.

Lovely lovely bags! Not your typical kinda bags can. :D
A round-in-shape holder; a vintage floral with heart locket.
And see that cute small vintage box bag? Yummeh, no? ;)

More vintage-inspired bags, babes! :D

Are you a modern or vintage styled girl? ;)

These vintagey bags really are flooding our market, yes? ;)

Ah har! Something sequinly sexaaaay!!! :D

I adore the milky tote. What bout you? :D

And then again, more vintagey bags for us! :D

xoxo, Pineberry

This is very Louis Vuitton inspired! :P
And how many hearts can you spot from here? ;)

Clutches that you and I would definitely need. ;)

xoxo, Grabbs

Most of them are unfortunately sold out, but...
If you're super interested, try asking for a restock?
I've got no idea if they can get a restock though.
But then again, no harm trying for yummeh goodies. ;)

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh my god!
I spot a leopard print bucket bag!
*droooolsss* I SO WANT!!! *faints*

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