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Monday, January 25, 2010

Me is the back!!! :D

Oh man oh dear oh boy! See that top left corner bag...
I AM IN LOVE!!! So elegant & classy! I heart! I want!

Omg omg omg! I know I said not gonna review shoes.
But these are too cute to resist can! *drrroooooolss*
Oh man, I want almost every single thing from there!

Top left corner: Blue and partially velvety. Sweet~

xoxo, Drestres

Something for vintage lovers out there! :D

If you haven't already bought a NEW bag for CNY...
Here's the place to head to already! Like seriously!
Heart-studded bag. And heart-embossed bag too! :D

All sort of vintage styled bags. These are only a few babes.
They have so many more designs for you to choose from. ;)

Are you in love with leopard prints? Well, I am! :D

Ahh ha! More vintagey-looking bags for you babes! :D

"When basic is not so basic." Awesome punchline! :D

xoxo, mer?

I still love handmade items, especially from mer.
Imma gonna get myself something from her soon.

When all you need is some bling and bag to complete the look. ;)

Branded bags inspired looking awesome here babes!!!
If it's not because my wardrobe is FULL, I will buy all 4.

Arghhh!!! Omgosh omgosh omgosh! See that clutch below?
It comes with the long and the short strap. Love those pins!

The clutches you see on the left?
They're on sales now! Interested?
Click on the above link provided. ;)

They sell authentic luxury brands. Yeap, the real thing. ;)
Mostly are Coach I notice; Coach lovers, hop over already!

A big fan of branded goodies? Yet cannot afford them?
Here's where you can go to, to satisfy your "cravings".

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