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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bag (back) with a boom boom pow! :D

xoxo, Bags Kaki

Who here doesn't love Coach? Put your hands up!
Oh see, I can see all hands down! :P *giggles*
And what more at a more affordable price babes? ;)

I can see you go super duper trooper OMG!
Trendy, cool, elegant, sophisticated and chic!
Really babes, what more can we ask for already?

xoxo, Club MOD

Something for your baby this Xmas, perhaps?

A more vintage touch, with zippers and buckles. :D

Who says Union Jack ever run outta trend huh?!! *wink*

Don't you think this cute little bag looks so adorable? :D

I smell elegance, can you too, my dear readers?
The super studs, looking as trendy as ever can!

Oh dear oh my, is that PINK STUDS or what?!! *gasp*
And is that a floral lining/lace on the top? Fuhweet!

Those tassels reminds me of Gucci, somehow.

I tell you, they have one of the cheapest prices I've seen by far.
I'm serious you know, no kidding. You should check them out. ;D

A 'You've Got Mail' bag to chic up your outfit babes!
Or a cute handmade pretty pouch/wristlet perhaps? ;)

I've seen these two beauties since some time ago.
And they're still existing on newbie blogs! Awesome!
I've always always adored that denim one. Still do! :D

xoxo, Elly K

Is this class or what? Quilts are NEVER out.
Maybe one day yes, but not anytime soon.
For as long as Chanel is still in town. Teehee. ;D

They are not only pretty, they come in a few colours.
I mean if you don't like the red, fret not. You get black!

I just went OMGOSH and *gasp gasp gasp* when I saw.
They are so going under my MUST-GET list already can!

Wu la la la la la! Something so awesome to wrap us up!
Buckets plus studs, and chains plus slinging totes! YUM!

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