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Friday, October 16, 2009

Pink love. *heart*

Pretty, sweet, and totally fashionable.
Also, RM15 goes to charity, darlings! :D
That's shopping for a good cause can.


The two-way clutch and sling flappy bag!
That comes in 6 absolutely pretty colours.
Oh gosh, I love all colours! I can't decide. :$

Wow, there you go. The wild wild bag roaring out to us. ;)
They NEVER fail to bring in yummeh goodies for us, yes?
Head on over to see what other bags they've got in stock.


If the above isn't enough, they've got more!
Get this black giraffe print clutch too! *grins*


Apparently high quality replica bag, which explains the high cost.
But it definitely does look elegant for corporate ladies can! :D


That's one simple yet pretty casual bag for you. ;)
I reckon this is the sort of bag to bring for travelling.
Just so big to chuck almost everything in already.
And they have two big pockets on the exterior too.


Looks canvas-ish, yet denim-ish. Hmmm...
But it's nice nonetheless! Has a vintage touch.
Oh, it has a heart-shaped zipper too! *cuteee*


mamaMUHAMMAD said...

hi miss..r u in malaysia?pricing for the begs mcm mana?let me know k..tq

Luxurious Fashionista said...

Hi there, I'm merely a reviewer only. If you're interested in the bags, click on the link provided below the image. I bolded it, just click and it'll bring you to the blogshop. :D

Hit on OLDER POSTS for more! :D