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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wallaby-michy! ;)

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Wallaby Bag-in-a-bag

The name attracted me first! Know why? :P
Because I blog at wallaby-michy.blogspot.com!
But it's so cool, you got 2-in-1 bag, can? ;D


Item: Sweet Surprises

Indeed the candy colours are pretty! :D
Comes in different sizes too! Oh-so-suhweet!


Item: PG Bags

I reckon the design is pretty unique, yes? :D


Item: J'Dore

The flap is pretty special, I'd say! :D
Not to forget the details on the bag!


Item: TODS Inspired Slouchy Bag

Slouchyness makes me feel so lazy! :P


Item: Tammy Tote

Ooooh so cuteee! The design and the shape! :D


Item: Slinggie

Vintage lovers, this should be your cup of cake! :)


xoxo, Fascinate
Item: My Office Bag

Not only can you carry to the office.
Uni and college students can carry too! :)


Item: MB015

The like the red. Maroonish yet chilly-ish.
Haha, gawd what am I talking about? :D

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