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Monday, June 15, 2009

The Pinkaholic! :D

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: The Converter

You can sling or handcarry babes!
It's convertible and only RM50!
Yes, without postage fees! :D


Item: Citrus x Cherry

Citrus looks pretty too! But I prefer Cherry!
I'm on a Everything-Pink-mood right now! :P
And did I mention, it's handmade?!!! Woooots!


Item: Thavasa Pink Patent Satchel

Just looking at this bag makes me feel happy.
Seriously, I think it has the trendy yet sweet look.
You can bring it to the mall, or office/college.
Can pull out with most of your outfits too! :D


Item: MGB0048

Let this baby bling you to sweetness! :D


xoxo, Whatever
Item: Quilted Denim Bag

Comes in three colours - Grey, Blue, Faded blue.
I personally adore Blue most, very cantiikkk! :D


Item: Studs Crossover

You can carry it in three ways!! :D
Want to know how? Check it outtt!


xoxo, Teamo
Item: Plaid 2.55 Tote

Are we over checks yet? Nope, don't think so!
What are you still waiting for babes? Grab one! :D


Item: (Code: 002)

You can pick either white or brown. :)
And you can either sling or backpack it!


Item: Prada Colourful Patching

If you're up for patches on your wallet...
If you like a mix and match of colours...
If you have RM40 (I'm sure you have)...
Then this wallet is all yous already! :D

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