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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Do you *heart* fashion? ;)

This Special Feature is brought to you by:

Hearts Fashion

We all love free gifts and promotions, yes?
Don't cha dare say no, because it'll be a LIE. :P
And... Hearts Fashion is having a promotion now.
Allow me to bring you on a mini "tour" first. *grins*

*Miss TLF puts on tour-leader tone*

Hearts Fashion items are mostly based on pre-orders.

First up on our list, are PG bags from Taiwan! :)
They've got a whole wide range for you to choose from.

Yes the overrated Chanel Inspired, that I can't help but get one for myself too. I swear I NEVER carry replica items, but this is my first. I mean everyone's having it, I cannot not have one, can I? All the more you should get it, not because of I have, but cox it's pretty! And super affordable yeah! :P

The best thing about Hearts Fashion is not only their affordable prices and varieties of designs, but it's because they APA-PUN-ADA (direct translation: anything also got) that attracted me. They not only have bags, can?

Ha! I bet you must be wondering what that is. Selling hot in Taiwan are these Magic Hair Curlers in the shape of cute soft balls. Simply put them on and you'll get natural curls in a matter of hours! Yes, tt's like super simple to do and it's only RM18 for a packet of 6 balls. :D So cool, kan? :D

And they have also brought in a lot of farnee convenient things like -Magic Painless Hair Removal, Magic Bra Pad (pssst: give your boobies the oomph! lol!) and also F-cup-tea. I bet the name says it all, no? Drink the tea and your boobies will grow from A cup to F cup! No babes, I'm not kidding. Serious shit. At least that's what they say.

Yes, you've guessed it right! They have Geo Lens too! See, I told you! Apa pun ada! :P And it's only like RM27 per pair. I know what's playing at the back of your mind, "WAH! SO CHEAP ONE AH!" I know right! They have like plenty of designs you just gotta hop over to have a look okay? :D

If you buy 2 pairs, you get a free len case! I love free stuff, don't cha? :P And if you buy 10 pairs or above, you'll get to buy them at wholesale price! They're all imported from Korea by the way, so you can't get them here! :)

Last but not least, they have clothes too! At really affordable prices! Hurrrray! :D And the great news for us all is that for every single purchase of clothes, you get one free blackhead mask from Shiseido! Don't say you don't need it, it's free, just take only! :P

They have sporty style!

They have casual style!

They have feminine style!

They have trendy style!

See I told you, apa pun ada style also got! :D

A tube-jumpsuit with four different tones of colours! :)
Hit the beach with this, or wear to the mall if you like!
Especially with the crazy hot weather, it'll be so comfy!

My favourite shade! Get purple! It's uber pretty can! :)

Psst, they have earring stands too! At affordable prices! :D
Not just one or two but 15 different designs! Woootzzza!
Babes, you gotta hop over to check them out alright? :)

Hearts Fashion
Thank you Hearts Fashion! ;)

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