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Monday, June 22, 2009

Pardon me for that short hiatus!

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Fortified with Vitamins

Sparkling apple, anyone? :D
It's so lovely, we all gotta agree!


Item: Gucci Tattoo Hearts

I don't really know what grade this replica is.
But it sure looks pretty to me regardless. :D


Item: Harajuku Lovers

By Gwen Stefani totes, babes! :D
Super duper kawaii, no? Me likey the white!


Item: Designer Inspired

Sure looks casual-posh to me. ;D
Looks Gucci inspired, I'd reckon.


Item: Coach Madison Leather

Retailing for RM450 but you can get it for RM330! :)
You save a whooping RM120 there, that's a steal girls!


Item: 3-Way Quilted Bag

Comes in three different colours too! :D
My personal fav is the baby blue. So candy!


Item: Quilted Chanel Inspired

More quilted bag for you, huns! :D
This is slightly bigger and more Chanel-ish.


Item: Vin Me Over

We've definitely seen lots of English Roses around.
But this is going for only RM20 babes! Steal!!! :D


Item: Guess USA Dinner Bag

Can be used as a clutch as well, if you like.
Letting go for only RM120, how cheap is that!
Original retail price at RM569. Wah lao eh! :P


Item: Yummy Yummy Planner Set

I know you must be thinking, "Huh, this is not a bag!"
But hey, it falls under the category too! You know how?
It's a bag/sleeve for our notebooks/planners! *giggles* :P


Item: Happy Time Elephant

A cute shopping bag to boot!
Forget plastic bags already! :)


xoxo, Wwwiolet
Item: 2-in-1 Redish Bag

Two ways to carry this pre-loved darling. :)
And it's going for only RM35! Not too bad, eh?

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