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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I've got cherry on my ice cream! :D

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Ice Cream Bow Bag

It's completely sold out and reserved babes!
But good news is, it's restockable! Yippeee hurray!
Go place your orders already before it's too late! :)


Item: Love Burst Bag

I can see ella-ella, candles and other cute girly things! :)
Reminds me of Harrods! Don't cha all think so too? *grins*


Item: Eudoxia

I love classy elegant clutches like this! :D


xoxo, Teamo
Item: Envelope Padlock

Inspired by Chloe! I love the baby pink!!!
The envelope flap looks like a heart shape. :)


Item: Coach Op Art

This replica is selling like hot cakes at RM150! XD
If you want one too, head over to place your orders!


Item: The Hobo

Handmade hobos! There are plenty other designs! :)
Head over to check out Jenny's yummeh creation.


Item: Sling Shots

I love the light brown with pink and black stripes.
Can be used as a clutch or a wristlet, as you wish! :)


Item: Twirl Bag

There there, all the info you need is above!
Go for the mustard yellow! It's classic!!! :D


Item: Y5-A

Useful yet casual college bag, perhaps? :D


Item: Dazzling Red & Black

Embroidered designs! Ain't it gorgeous? :D


Item: Hannah Vintage Clutch

Vintagey clutches up for sale! Head on over to check it out!


Item: Triple X Bag

Triple X reminds me of bowling somewhat. :P


Item: Chanel Inspired Quilted

Yes again, more quilted clutches for y'all darls! :)

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