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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Me is back!!!!! :D

You have no absolute idea how happy I was (and still am) when I handed in all 5 of my assignments this afternoon. I was smiling all the way back home, people on the streets must have thought I've gone nuts. *giggles* It was total madness, I tell you! I sleep at almost 7-8am everyday, and the sleep deprivation has taken its toll me on me. I'm now officially the Pimple Queen. *cries* :'(

But at least now, I've got time to relax (read: sleep, sleep and sleep) and most importantly, resume with my reviews!!! Yayyyy!!! :D Will be resuming reviews on the 11th June 2009, alright? :)

I'm currently sorting out the Rubi Shoes orders; getting the stocks, and going through each pair of shoes with strict QC. I am a perfectionist, so your shoes will be in excellent condition. *winkwink* I've got a Special Edition Rubi Shoes coming up at 12pm; 10th June 2009. So for those who have missed out on the previous batch, make sure you follow up! You don't wanna miss out again! :D

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