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Thursday, June 11, 2009

The come back! :D

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Thavasa Plaid

Oh me gosh!! Yes, I am not yet over Tartans! :D
Look at the lock and the heart-felt hanging down!


Item: Cute Bow

No babes, this is not a bow-pin or hair clip. *wink*
It's a clutch!!! Yes, comes with long/short strap! :D


Item: Samantha Heart Bag

This is just so sweet, don't cha think, my dear babes?
Especially with charms that we all just can't get over!


Item: Cosmetic Pouch

A few varieties of cosmetic pouches dear!
I personally prefer the stripes one. Teehee.


Item: Chanel Quilted

It's Chanel. It's inspired though. It's affordable.
It's trendy and can fit all of our belongings...
So so so, what are you still waiting for, eh? :D


xoxo, Gula Hati
Item: OAT Bag

So cute one the shape! Macam rainbow right? ;P


Item: Hermes Inspired Clutch

They've got a makeover! Looking good. ;D
And they brough in Hermes inspired clutches!


Item: Retro Kitty

It's the polka dotsies kitty, yo!!! Meeeeoooooowww!


Item: Leopard Corset

Omgosh, this is just oh-so-sexxaaaay! *rawrrr*


Item: Quilted Big Bow

Bigs bows and it's quilted. Bright coloured too.
What else can we ask for yeah babes? Hop over!


Item: Moo Moo Bags

Bucket bagssss!!! I am like going ooh-ahh over everything. :P
But this is special kay! So "wild" yet sweet in pink. Shucksss!


Item: Tea Party Bags

English rose design! Let's go for a tea party together?
And we'll carry the same bag, what say you? Teehee. :)


Item: Jimmy Choo Imitation

This is a pre-loved item yeah babes? :D
Has a little defect on it, but looks good still.

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