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Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Blues.

Hi there babes, I apologise for the lack of updates.
I've been really loaded with work from uni and clubs.
And from today onwards, there'll be a change in format.
Yes, again! Prices of the bags will be omitted from reviews.
This is such because I'm tired of having to reply to emails.
If I don't reply, I think it's rude and I feel really bad.

So yeap, I hope this new format clears up a bit.
NO MORE "Can I have that blablabla bag please?"

Alright, so let's get back to more bags, bags and bags! :D


*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, Style Influx
Item: Dior Tag Inspired

Flippy flippy flap flap, flippy flippy flap! ;)
It's almost baby pink and really gorgeous.
I love the charms & Dior signature quilt pattern.


xoxo, Le Femme Fatale
Item: Coach Signature Inspired

Need I say more? We all know this, I'm sure.


xoxo, My Kedai Runcit
Item: Gingy Tote

Omgosh! Try zooming into the gingerbread man!
It's so so so so cute! With a cute bow to go with it.
Looks too tasty that I won't have to heart to swallow.
Oh well, if that's a real gingerbread man to begin with. :P


xoxo, Scarlet Garment
Item: Anna Sui bags

First they brought in pouches, now bags!
And you get to save $$$ if you buy both! :D


xoxo, Junkie Motto
Item: Charles and Keith

Psssst, this is selling for only RM20!!! STEAL!


xoxo, Red Lips Closet
Item: Long Champ replica

Yummeh hot pink!!! Hmmm... Sexy~ ;)
Goes well with casual outfits. Movie? Uni?
Anything is fine, so long you want to turn heads.


xoxo, Tweede Hands
Item: Momoe Sling Bag

A pre-loved needs to be re-loved!
Give it some love for just RM15!!! :D

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