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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Aloha!!! :D

*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, Goodielicious
Item: Marshmallow Shoulder Bag

This is something that would catch your eyes no?
Love the colour shades. Free coin bag too! *giggles*


xoxo, My Dressing Closet
Item: LV Beach Tote

For a replica, I think this looks quite good yeah?
Something to bring along to the beach. And...
You need not worry if it's gonna get wet or dirty! :D


xoxo, Oozora Tang
Item: Flip Farey

You want to clutch it? Go ahead.
Want to sling it? Go ahead.
What to carry as handbag? Go ahead.


xoxo, Oozora Tang
Item: Large Uni Carry

Finally! Something for the boys! Woohooo!!! :D
While you shop, get something for the boyfriend.


xoxo, Sara.My
Item: Liz Claiborne Pre-order

They're having a pre-order now!
Hurry up and go have a look already!


xoxo, Soak Republic
Item: Le Petite

Coin purses to sling down your neck. Adorable much!


xoxo, Adore Trend
Item: Bags (:

Chanel inspired, babes! Will never run out of trend.


xoxo, Simplicious
Item: Oriental Baggies

Something to pull off casually with your cheong sam?


xoxo, Sui Sui Bag
Item: Gucci Paris

It's priced at RM750. And negotiable. Keke. ;)
Apparently it's authentic, but go find out more!

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