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Thursday, April 16, 2009

A wave of confusion.

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: River Island Clutch
Price: RM150

Very very classy and elegant. Nuff' said.


xoxo, Room 8008
Item: Baggie Baggie
Price: RM48

Larger-than-life clutch! Measure it yourself. :D


Item: Simply Lovely
Price: RM68

Now they're out in glittering colours! Go grab already! :D


Item: My Cutie Pie
Price: RM42

They provide two other type of straps.
One for sling, one for backpack. Cool, eh? :)


Item: Dotty Bag
Price: RM35

I'm still in for polka dotsies, are you? ;)
I think this is absolutely cute and girly.


Item: Quilted Zipper Bags
Price: RM85

Earlier on they offered zipper bags, right?
Now, quilted zipper. Woots! In salmon pink! :D

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