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Monday, April 13, 2009


*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Fashionista Lady Tote
Price: RM105

So chic and stylish, omgosh! *winkwink*
Oh fyi, it's a Forever 21 tote yeah babes!


Item: LV Replica
Price: RM390

Are LV bags now quilted also? Sheesh!
Am I that outdated already or what? :(


Item: Metallica
Price: RM20

Anyone fancy a metallic coin purse?
Very glamorous, no? For clubbing!!! :P


Item: Zipper Bag
Price: RM65

Tan, black, or white, make your pick, girls! :)
The zipper bag is yours if you zip your way there.


Item: Canvas Striped Bags
Price: RM45

Casual larger-than-life tote! Convenient! :D


Item: Vintage Bag 21
Price: RM30

More vintagey bags up for sale! Grab grab grab! :)


Item: Overnight Bag
Price: RM30

The overnight bag, because they reckon suitable for sleepovers.
But I think it's also great for casual outings. What cha think? :D

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