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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Have you found your bunny today? ;)

*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, The Attire's Attic
Item: Miss Lorraine's Bag
Colour: Purple, Blue
Price: RM45

I've seen plenty of this design on clutches!
But not on totes! And this is a MUST-HAVE! :D
I love the colour. Purple and blue. Niceee pick!


xoxo, The Attire's Attic
Item: Little Cutie Bag
Colour: Vintage Camel Brown
Price: RM39

Hey girls, don't we all need a mustardy yellow bag sometime?
And don't you agree this is the perfect one? Affordable and pretty!
Hurry up and hop on over to their attic while they're restocking! :)


xoxo, Bebel Nina
Item: Zebra Zee
Colour: B&W
Price: RM60

Wootsies! I love wild animals printed bags! Don't you too?
I find them realllly sexaaaaay! Yeah, baybeeeeh! XD That aside...
They revamped their blog and got a dot-com. Congrats babes! :)


xoxo, Clothesery
Item: My Best Friend
Colour: As shown above
Price: RM12

This is the special edition version, girls! :D
An extra RM2 and you get cuter bows and design.
Love the one with the hearts and polka dot ribbon.
An early Xmas pressie for dear Miss TLF, anyone? :P


xoxo, Dolly Kyande
Item: Lazy Bag
Colour: Dark Brown, Brown
Price: RM36

This bag looks really lazeeeee, no? ;P
It's like a couch potato! So comfy-looking!


xoxo, Dolly Kyande
Item: Sky Blue
Colour: White, Black
Price: RM38

And again, allow me to remind you girls...
This is strictly a pre-order blogshop selling bags.
If you're not patient enough to wait, don't order. :)
I believe Dolly owner wouldn't appreciate a flooded inbox.


xoxo, Princess Feverlicious
Item: Stylish Strip
Colour: B&W
Price: RM45

I love stripes! But I prefer them vertically! :D
Oh, this is horizontal isn't it? Sheesh! I'm bad at this.


xoxo, What The Fudge?!
Item: Sexy Bag
Colour: Purple, Brown, Black
Price: RM59 (Was RM65!)

It's currently on a newbie promotion, babes!
Might want to grab it before the promo ends! :D

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