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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hanky-panky! :)

Item: Dual Design Tote
Colour: Dark Brown, Black
Price: RM44

Weaved tote. Will never run outta trend. :)

Item: Fancy Bag
Colour: Blue, White, Red, Black, Pink
Price: RM35

Prints yet again. Remember what I said about them? ;)

Item: Mikaela
Colour: Brown, Tan, Black
Price: RM80

Fringes! Fringes! Fringes! :)

Item: Chocolate Medium Embroidered Satchel
Colour: Dark Brown
Price: RM135

Don't you just love the leather stitch design? ;)

Item: Chain Reaction
Colour: White, Pink, Purple, Black, Gold
Price: RM35

All the colours are very attractive! Go check them out!

Item: Victoria Secret Angel
Colour: Black, White
Price: RM180

Brought in from overseas. Authentic Victoria Secret! WOOTS!

Item: Coach Designer with Buckle
Colour: As shown above
Price: RM65

Obviously a replica. But looks damn nice, eh? And affordable!

Item: Bowling Your Way
Colour: White, Mocha, Blue, Red, Black, Yellow 
Price: RM34

Lots of colours for you to choose from. Woohoo!

Item: Cute Lil Button
Colour: Red, Black, Purple, Brown
Price: RM52

Cute lil buttons for cute lil babes! :)

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