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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Done with CNY-fever! :)

Item: China Doll Silk Bag 
Colour: Gold, Green, Pink, Red
Price: RM69

They're offering NEXT DAY FREE DELIVERY! ;)
If only it was out earlier. So CNY-ish feel! *giggles*

Item: Fringy Latino
Colour: White, Purple, Black
Price: RM49

The fringes are still in trend? Apparently, YES! ;)

Item: Checkered
Colour: Green, Beige, Brown 
Price: RM31

I love checkered fashion items! Very much! :D
And I'd say this is SUPER DUPER affordable, can?
But do keep in mind, it's a pre-order item yeah?

Item: Brown Knotted Bag
Colour: Brown
Price: RM55

This bag spells convenient. Chuck everything in. :)

Item: Studded Fringe Bag
Colour: Grey, Blue, Tan, Brown
Price: RM54

Studs and fringes. Unique colours. Nuff' said.

Item: Inspired by Prada
Colour: White, Grey, Black 
Price: RM60

Floral design. Indeed, Prada inspired. Very pretty!

Item: Milky Chanel-Inspired
Colour: Purple, Blue, Green
Price: RM65

Need I say more? It's very the sophisticated, no?

Item: Elongated Bag
Colour: Brown, White
Price: RM50

Now, the shape is very extraordinary, don't ya think? :)

Item: Oversized Studded Bag
Colour: Blue, Black, Brown
Price: RM72

Studs yet again. But this time on oversized totes.
I personally like the blue one more. Goes well with jeans.

Item: Bag of Kitties 
Colour: As shown above
Price: RM29

Meeeeeooooowwwww! Once in a while, you can go casual. :)

Item: You've Got To Have It
Colour: Mustard, Cream, White
Price: RM46

Like they name it. You just gotta have it!
Comes in two straps. One for handcarry. One sling.
Oh btw, that price is inclusive of delivery! :)

Item: Glamourous Bag
Colour: Black
Price: RM55.90

Glossy glossy, babes! It looks cute to me. Hmm, look at it closely...
The two buttons as eyes and the buckle in the middle as the nose.

Item: Phyton Hisses Bag
Colour: Pink, Blue, Black
Price: RM59

Prints like on this bag is super trendy now.
It seems to be appearing everywhere. Bags. Shoes. Clothings.

Item: Coach Replica
Colour: White, Black
Price: NA

I'd reckon this is more for those in the working society already.
Executive office ladies. This is soooooo your thing, can? :D :D :D

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