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Monday, January 5, 2009

Sha la la la la~

Sorry if you popped by yesterday only to be let down with no updates.
My bad. I was really busy SHOPPING for my birthday outfit and shoes.
I am this funny, CNY ain't much important, instead my birthday is.
I'll be turning a year older on the 9th January and I still can't find...
THE PERFECT SHOES! Guess what was the first thing I bought?


I'll show it off on the day itself, when I head out to partaaaaay! :D
So anyway, here's the updates for today! Yummylicious goodies!


Item: ZigZag
Colour: Gold, Black
Price: RM34

Coach inspired, girls! Very pretty, no? And super affordable!

The Purple Polka Dot Shop

Item: Like A Charm
Colour: Pale Gold, Black
Price: RM49

Check the buckle, girls! :D Not your typical boring button.

Item: Gucci
Colour: As shown above
Price: Enquire within

Love authentic luxury fashion items? *nods head*
Yet think they're too expensive for ya, my girls?
Here's where you can get them at a cheaper price!

Item: Bunny Messenger Slingpack
Colour: Yellow, Nude, Red
Price: RM35

Very the very cheap for such a bewtifool slingpack!!!

Item: Fasci Purse
Colour: Black, Green, White
Price: RM58

Quilted speedy bag, girls! The Chanel + LV jumbled up result.

Item: Fasci Fasci
Colour: Black, Green
Price: RM70

The squarish bag is coming in trend. Trust me babes!
And this looks like the absolute perfect start, no? ;)

Item: Clinique Make Up Bag
Colour: Red, Purple
Price: RM30

We all know how as girls, we can never get enough of bags.
It goes the same for a make-up too! It's pretty, ain't it darls?

Item: Miss Valentine
Colour: Reddish + Maroon
Price: RM39

Sexylicious! YUM YUM! And there's one more thing...
Look at the two side pockets! Absolutely ADORABLE!!! :D

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