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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Item: Patche Hobo
Colour: Red, Black, Green
Price: RM89

Patch your day with this beautiful baby, girls! :D
It can be used as a hand carry bag or shoulder bag.
See those two straps there? I bet you didn't notice. :P

Only Branded Replica

Item: Juicy Couture
Colour: Pink
Price: RM400

I almost bought this authentic bag for RM1000+.
But because I was on very tight budget, I had no choice...
but to kiss it goodbye. And now they're selling the replica! :P

Shopaholix Bar

Item: Croc Clutch
Colour: Purple, Red, Brown
Price: RM30

I'd say this isn't croccy skin look alike. More like...
Snakey snakey skin. Never runs out of trend. :D

Le Femme Fatale

Item: Beau Sacs
Colour: Beige, Olive green, Pink
Price: RM40

Eeeeeek! So kawaii neh! :P

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