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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Shoes, Kasut, Xie! :P

Item: Stringy Temptation
Colour: Blue
Price: RM65

Very very classy pair of peep-toes!

Item: Red Ballerina
Colour: Red
Price: RM50

They're selling this pair of beautiful pumps! :)
And lotsa beautiful clothes too! Check them out!

Item: Fascinate Ankle Boots
Colour: Grey
Price: RM68

I'm fascinated by this pair of ankle boots.
What with the lacey details and it's foldable! :D

Item: Purple World
Colour: Purple and Black
Price: RM60

I've seen at least 4 pairs of red ones selling,
but this is the first purple pair by far, I guess.

Item: I love Lucy!
Colour: Black and white, Maroon with cream
Price: RM59

Bowling shoes inspired. Go strike it already, babes! :D

1 comment:

chupa chups! said...

i want Fascinate Ankle Boots and I love Lucy!pls email me because i dont know how to order these shoes. this is my email,amarinth_amiel@yahoo.com

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