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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mixie and Matchie! :)

Item: Red Devil
Colour: Red
Price: RM58

Look at those heels, aren't they so special darlings? ;)

Item: Morningside
Colour: Red, White, Black, Brown
Price: RM48

Item: PeterPan Booties
Colour: Black
Price: RM39 *STEAL! GRAB!*

Where can you find such pretty booties at this price?

Item: Dazzle in Black
Colour: Black
Price: RM33

It has glitters all over the shoe.
The perfect pair for partying. :)
Have you taken a look at the price yet?

Item: Addelyne
Colour: Purplish pink
Price: RM46

Absolutely sweet and pretty, don't you think? ;)

Item: True Love
Colour: Silver
Price: RM29

I dare say I'm a romantic lover, and I've always liked the idea of couply shirts, mugs or keychains. When it comes to things like this, to me, it's sort of like a promise, because just like this keychain, it sticks together as one when they're both together and they're all alone when they're not. Having broke up with my boyfriend several months ago, I've got nobody to share the other half with me. But, if you've got an other half, get one pair, it'll make a good gift for any occasion at all. :) Oh well, it doesn't have to be an occasion to give something to your loved one, does it? :)

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