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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Girls' night out! :) - PART 2

*DING-DONG, DING-DONG* chimes the doorbell.

Her lips break into a cheeky smile as I opened the door to let her in. Whenever she gives me that smile, I know that this mischievous friend of mine has got something up her sleeves.

"Tadah! I bought us Vanilla Coke and some tid bits to munch on later!" she said.

"So, you're trying to feed me with unhealthy junk food, as I see it?" I asked.

"Oh come on, Rach! When was the last time you actually ate keropok? And these are important because they're our couch potato snacks!" she said.

"You haven't said a word about what we're going to be doing tonight," I snapped back, quite unpleasantly.

"This idea of mine will be sure to cheer you up! I know how tiring it is to be working from 9-5 daily, and sometimes having to work extra time even. You haven't got time to go for facial and spa baths like we used to do in the past, let alone shopping, right?" Carmen spoke enthusiastically.

And I just nodded as I solemnly think of my working life. Geez! It's like not having a life. Her loud voice made me jumped when she exclaimed, "And so, today, we'll be doing shopping!"

"Shopping? It's almost 9pm hun. Shopping malls will be closed by the time we arrive." I spoke as a matter of factly.

"Yes hun, cyber shopping! Forget window shopping, we can now do screen shopping, all in our comfort zone while we await our mask to dry out. How does that sound?"

My best friend simply knows what's best for me. Oh my god! I really need to give my wardrobe a revamp. I haven't been going to the malls for ages, thanks to the workload of folios I have piled up my work table. I could really do with some e-shopping, like seriously!

"This is it, I'll go get my masks and pink Vaio down. We'll do the shopping in the living room, alright? You help yourself with the cups on the 2nd top upboard to the left and anything at all that you need. Shout for me if you need help," I said as I walked up the stairs.

"You don't have to mention anything to try to make me feel at home. This is practically my second home. And my memory ain't that bad, hun. I know where the cups are placed. I helped you move in, remember? But today we're having white wine. So I'll get the wine glasses." she mumbled to herself as I could barely hear her speak as I reached the top of my house.

"As you wish, babe!" I shouted at the top of my voice, filled with excitement.

*Part 3 - To be continued...

Note: This short story is a work of fiction. Names and characters are the product of Miss TLF's imagination and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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