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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Miss TLF absolutely adores Tiny Hands! :)

Hi there, shopaholics! Today, I'm not going to blog about just bags and shoes. Sometimes, we need a little more than just that, no? I chanced upon this really gorgeous e-shop that caught my attention instantly. The lovely goodies sold there were irresistable adorable, I simply needed to do a write-up on them. So, this is obviously Miss TLF's first special feature and I hope you girls give me your fullest support. Without further ado, may I bring to you all darlings...

The e-shop owner behind Tiny Hands is Mei Pak whom with her tiny hands, strives to offer us girls with the cutest polymer clay accessories I've ever seen. All from scratch. Yeap, you read me right. From scratch, girls. Her creations are mostly miniature food stuff that we girls can't get enough of - cupcakes, cookies, cheesecakes, and many more. I've brought in some of the charms to tempt you. :P

Just look at the Strawberry Shortcake, decorated with fresh strawberries and added on with dollops of lightly blazed whipping cream which tops freshly baked biscuits with a slight tint of golden crust. They look too real and too cute to be true.

And the Strawberry Cheesecakes! Made with fine quality cream cheese on a base of crushed Graham cookies. Chopped strawberries top the cheesecake and strawberry glaze adds to all the sweetness! Reminds me much of the Heart-to-Heart Strawberry Cheesecake I baked for a close friend of mine. 

Forget Pancake House, you can now wear your breakfast waffles, topped either with butter and maple syrup or slices of fruits. Your breakfast couldn't be any healthier, girls. ;)

And who among you girls don't just adore Chocolate Chip Cookies? They look just as edible and yummeh as the Rocky Crunch Cookies I baked, no?

Bubble tea drink! I simply adore these drinks. I can have cups and cups of them, and not get sick, just a little bloated that's all. But these tiny ones complimented with sweet matching ribbons are just too yummy to be true! And if you look closely enough, you can even catch a little pearls in the straw. This is too cute!

JCo donuts and Big Apple donuts certainly made their way big to the Malaysian market, what with the loooooong queues which certainly proves how much we love donuts. Now, Tiny Hands brings to you cute donuts bracelet with topping and frosting of your personal preference. We could make good use of them, to lure other girls and make them drool over your tastylicious bracelet. :P

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! The joyous season is around the corner, and it's never too early to buy these Christmas Delights. The Holly Berries earstuds can go with your Xmas outfit or they can make excellent gifts to your BBF's! 

These adorable minty Candy Canes have been glossed to give it that yummylicious look that real sweet candy canes have! If only I can pop them into my mouth. :P

Last but not least, the ever divine cuppiecakes! These are my personal favourites. Wanna know why? Not only because they're cute, adorable and pretty but because I can choose my own cupcake frosting, toppings as well as cupcake liner. Yummylicious! *slurps* But trust me, that's not the best part just yet. :)

These scrumptious realistic looking charms, inspired by everyday desserts not only look tasty, they smell delicious too! Yes, smell! I was ecstatic when I found out about this whole basking-in-wonderful-fragrances into the cuppies, really. :D This would make the perfect gift - it’s sweet, it’s cute, it’s unique and it’s special. Now now, I've got to drop some hints to my friends considering my birthday's around the corner. :P

Don't go yet! I'm not quite done. Because you girls are Miss TLF's readers, that makes you uber special to me. So, guess what? You girls are entitled to an exclusive 20% discount by emailing Mei Pak at info@tinyhandsonline.com with this phrase - "Miss TLF absolutely adores Tiny Hands" to claim your vouchers. Yeappie do, as simple as that. Promotion valid only from 19th November to 7th December 2008, so hurry up already, girls! :)

I don't see why you're still reading right up till here, because if I were you, I would have clicked on the LINK like now already! Let your cravings go wild! *winkz* ;)

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