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Monday, November 10, 2008

Gossip girls get wild! ;)

Item: Lydia Clutch
Colour: Gold, Silver
Price: Unavailable

This piece can go as a clutch or a handbag, as there will be a gold chain provided. Simple yet sophisticated. So classy, you gotta grab one already can!

Item: Threaded handbags
Colour: Brown and Black
Price: RM129

You can bring this bag anywhere, babes! To the movies, to work, to college, for a casual outing, or bring it along when you go shopping. You can so dump anything inside, and there will still be room left. A lil high in price, but you get 10% if you purchase 3 or more items from them.

Item: Croc design clutch
Colour: Silver, Gold, Black, White
Price: RM69

Don't need a handbag? What about this clutch? Suitable for dinners or casual outings. And it's crocky-designed. Crikey~ Damn, I miss that man! *Steve Irwin*

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