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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Aloha! :D

Item: Lynn Clutch
Colour: Black, Red, Silver
Price: RM55

Moo moo! *giggles* Holidays season are coming up, grab one of this clutches and go wild in parties! Absolutely gorgeous piece! ;)

Item: Hermes Purse (Not authentic)
Colour: Dark Brown
Price: Email e-shop owner

The purse might be unauthentic, but it's made with patent leather and looks like good stuff to me! ;)

Item: LV Wallet (Not authentic)
Colour: White
Price: Email e-shop owner

Always wanted a LV wallet, but don't have the moolah for it? Email the owner for the price and grab one already!

Item: Bag Organiser
Colour: Black or Grey
Price: RM30 *omg! steal!*

Where's my lippie? Where's my car keys? Where's my coin purse? Done having to search the whole bag just to fish something out? This is a must-have to get your girlie stuffs all organised. Removable and washable even. Get one already, girls!


I'll be reviewing bags, bags, bags and bags only. Be it larger-than-life bags, small bags, slings, clutches, wallets, purses or anything that's related to or falls under the bags category. E-shops owners, email me already at iamtlf@live.com. Cheers! :)

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