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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I iz back!!! :D

CAMPING WAS UBER FUN!!! It was a super duper great experience and I take my words back... I have no regrets at all paying A$900 for the 11 days trip. Having said that though, I don't appreciate the "gift" the desert's scorching sun gave me to take home as a souvenir.

Well the thing is, I have really sensitive skin and we did a lot of hiking; my face was so badly sun-burnt the first hike itself that one of my camp mates went, "Wow, the sun sure like you a lot."

If you must know, we did three different hikes in three consecutive days. So well, you can imagine... By the third day I looked like a cooked lobster everybody had a good laugh at me. *shys away*

I came back with a fever and cold due to the weather change and lack of water I would presume. But now that I've recovered, I'm back to rock The Luxurious Fashionista. So without any further ado, let's get back to some business! :D


xoxo, Hooops

"OH HOW ADORABLE!" was my first reaction.
Then I gasped at the price tag of RM47 per pouch.
Then again, they offer really awesome workmanship.
So in other words, you're paying to get good quality. ;)


I went goo-goo-gaa-gaa when I saw these beauties...
And that's when I realised, I ain't over nautical yet.


xoxo, Grabbs

The mustard-coloured pouch/clutch VERY chio! I LOIKEY!


Now now, if there's a TODAY'S FAV BAG STORE award,
I'd present the award to Love Bag Love Bag boutique.....
Not because I Love Bag, but because I particularly love their bags!
HELLO! This is the kinda bags that spell TRENDY, agreed? ;)


And this is when Modern meets Vintage. CHIO MAX!


Some sophisticated bags to pair up with your fav dress for a night out.
And a studded heart chaped clutch or sling to match your casual outfit. ;)


xoxo, Pineberry

Simplicity at its best; esp the pink one. Sweet and elegant. :D
And the size is also so convenient to chuck everything inside.


There they have a few unique collections in store
Esp the tri-studded one for those not over studs. ;)


A simple and versatile bag for college or uni students...
Or even for the working adults for work or casual outings.

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