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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Short hiatus!

Hi babes,

As you all know, I'm currently studying in Australia and it's the winter holidays now. Instead of returning back home as I usually would every year, this time around I decided to brave the cold. And guess what? I'll be going camping!

I know right, of all things... Camping.

I'm sure I'll be complaining day and night about sleeping in the sleeping bag. I mean, even with the sleeping bag, I'm sure my back can feel the floor still. *gasps*

Why oh why did I pay to go for camp? Don't ask me, it was an impulsive decision, just like how I also buy things impulsively. And since I've already paid $900 (RM2700!!!) I can't just pull out.

So yes, I'll be going to Central Australia and I'll be climbing the Ayers Rock or also known to some as Uluru. Nobody is willing to help me manage this blog temporarily so I guess I'll have to go on a blog hiatus for two weeks.

Please come back two weeks later okie!!!
Love you all, and you better miss me, babes. ;)

Till then, ta.

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