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Monday, April 19, 2010

I stud, You stud, We all stud.

xoxo, Luxury Cupboard

Studded in different ways, different designs! :D
Nevertheless, they're all trendy and very chio!!!


xoxo, One Hot Minute

Very high-classy bucket bag you got there babes! ;)
Hurry up and head over, before it's gone the next minute.


xoxo, Jianuine.com

Ever wanted authentic luxury bags?
Don't mind it being 2nd hand?
As long as it's in good condition?
Then Jianuine is where you should head to. ;)


xoxo, Club Mod

Vintage bags designed in different approach! :D
The postman sling, the buckled bucket, the zipped flap...


xoxo, Oh, popsicles!

We've seen this in quite a few blogshops, haven't we?
But some might have been sold out already yes?
Fret not because Oh Popsicles have some in stock! :D


xoxo, PS-Lovely

Ooooh, that's one lovely postman buckled up bag! :D

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