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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Love your vagina! ;)

Kinky ey, my post title? :P But hey, this is no laughing matter alright. This is one very serious post babes. Are you the sort of woman who goes around looking for menstrual pads that are amazingly trim; yet absorbent, comfortable, and convenient? Well, I am one of them. ;)

You simply have no idea how ecstatic I was when I tumbled across Patty Belle's Organic Cloth Menstrual Pads can! I can so see bubble thoughts above your head already babes... What the heck is a cloth menstrual pad, you ask?

Topped with a layer of hand dyed fabric, these REUSABLE cloth pads have a hidden layer of absorbent bamboo fleece and are backed with our favorite certified organic 100% merino wool jersey that has been fully felted so it will not shrink in the wash. And you would know too that natural wool are definitely more comfortable than PUL (polyurethane laminated fabric used in pads). Fuiyoh, tell me more, tell me more!!!

Sure you wonder, when we've been using disposable pads and tampons for such a long period of time, why the sudden change, right? There are many reasons why women choose cloth menstrual products.

First off would be, environmental purposes. Disposable menstrual products are hard on the earth. The average woman uses 11,000 tampons and pads in her lifetime, which ultimately ends up in landfill. *gasp* Whereas, cloth menstrual products can be used for years, minimising waste. Even when you finally wear out your cloth menstrual pads, they can be completely biodegradable, and will decompose in 1-5 years. Awesome, no?

Secondly, economically too!!! $$$ *kaching* Cloth menstrual products are kind to your environment as well as to your wallet too. You don't have to shell out money each month like you do for disposables; cloth pads soon pay for themselves over and over.

Comfort play a role too. Cloth is soft against the skin, unlike crinkly plastic disposables. There are no adhesive strips to stick to sensitive areas - you won't ever receive an unwanted bikini wax from a cloth pad!

And well, most importantly, for your health. Disposable menstrual products usually contain chemicals that may be irritating to delicate skin. Cloth pads are breathable, do not contain chemicals, and are less likely to cause sweating, odour, and irritation. Say byebye to itchiness can! ;D

You're interested already, are you not? Well, the reusable cloth menstrual pad comes in four different lengths - petite, regular, large, and extra large.

Have you ever seen a disposable menstrual product (ie. pad & tampon) that isn't white and clinical, babes? No right? Coming to think about it, your vagina is not a wound alright!

Unlike pads and tampons, these cloth pads come in many colors, prints, and lush fabrics to put a smile on your face and give your girly-bits a treat! And the best part is, you can pick whatever suits your mood. So what cha' waiting for already? Hop on over to Patty Belle to get some cloth pads for your 'lil sista', if you know what I mean! :D

Oh oh oh, best part is, if you're a Malaysian and you're living either in the East or West Malaysia, postage is free!!! Woohoo!!! Awesome, ain't it? ;)

Time to pamper your dear little vagina! ;)


Julia Schopick said...

I had never heard of Patty Belle's Organic Cloth Menstrual Pads before. They are absolutely beautiful. I love them.

To see just HOW wasteful disposable menstrual products are, take a look at Keeper.com's comparison photos. (The Keeper is the reusable latex menstrual cup.)


These photos show the amount of waste caused by one month, one year, ten years, and a lifetime of tampon use.

(As you can see, it took a DUMP TRUCK to hold a lifetime's use of tampons!! -:)

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to educate your visitors about this important topic.

Julia Schopick
Marketing Director

Rachel said...

I just found your blog, saw this entry and had to say hello! I FINALLY bought myself some cloth pads last month and have used them once already. I loved them! They are so comfortable and I didn't have any irritation on my skin like I normally do every month. When I got them in the mail I actually could not wait to get my period so I could try them! Ha ha!

I ordered mine from www.lunapads.com. They were great and I got them like 3 days after I ordered them.


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