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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

BONUS Contest - I've been stalking you! ;)

Do you like this pretty Coach wristlet, babes? ;)
Do you want to call it YOURS? Yes, FOR FREE!!!

All you need to do is to answer ALL these questions correctly:

1) What's Miss TLF's REAL name? :)

2) What's my top three favourite colours?
(They need not be in order, but if they are, it's a bonus!)

3) What type of bag makes me go GAGA?
(ie. What's my favourite type of bag?)
I bet only Miss TLF's avid reader would know this!

4) What's my favourite/lucky number? ;)

5) When did I start this blog?
(Anyone who gets this wrong can go bang head! :P)

If there are a few people who got the correct answers...
The winner will be the person who submitted FIRST! ;)

Rules you MUST adhere or you'll be disqualified:


Email subject titled: Bonus Contest

"Hi, my name is [insert name]."
And this is my contact number: [insert h/p no.]

[Insert answers here!]

Email your entry to iamtlf@live.com! :D
Contest ends: 25th November 2009 at 12am.


This BONUS CONTEST is generously sponsored by
our main sponsor for Miss TLF's mini party
who is none other than... BAGS KAKI!!!! :D

Bags Kaki

What are you waiting for babes??? ;)

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